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Syrian Solution

In light of the recent address #President #Obama has made to the nation, I have decided to take to the power of the blogosphere.  Since much of the country, or rather the world, are currently consumed with the Syrian debate to use military action, or diplomacy, or a combination I find it appropriate to share some opinions I noted this week.  

In my opinion, the root of the problem is stemmed from terrorists.  Here are 4 plausible solutions that should be taken into consideration. 


  1.  If America is to stand silent and observe the Syrian regime continue to struggle with an opposition mixed with civilians and terrorists there will undoubtedly be more massacres of innocent by the use of chemical warfare.  This choice would be the result of America not choosing to side with either side of evil. Those innocent caught in the middle are the ones that suffer. 
  2. If America is to join the opposition the Syrian regime will fall; however, there will result similar to that of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The U.S. will engulf into another war in the region and face possible consequences of attacks by Syrian allies.  This will leave open the possibility of WWIII.  Since the Russian has a strong history of kinship with the Syrian government a world war could very will be at the brink.  
  3. If America is to help the Syrian government and help Assad and his forces, unilaterally, we will have affirmed the alleged crimes against humanity.  The U.S. image will forever have be dampened by these actions.  Just as our world economic status, the U.S. will become less relevant as a world leader. 
  4. However, if Obama can appeal to the world for a joint intervention to fight terrorism we might just have a chance.  Terrorists are throughout the Arab region.  With strong forces focused in one particular area we will see terrorists retreat to bordering countries and hide in the harsh terrain.  The specific country we invaded will not be any better, but instead we will have driven the opposing forces to restrengthen in a new country that will become an issue in years to come. All countries of the world must stand together and agree on diplomacy that will eliminate terrorism throughout the Arab countries.  Many reading this are thinking “duh” and “NO way will that happen”.  However, if the U.S. is looking for the lesser of two evils this solution provides the greater pros to cons than the above routes I have described.  With the solidarity of the world powers through diplomatic measures equally agreeing to see an end to terrorism this will work.  We must decide and define what is terrorism and who fits this description.  This will help define our enemies and create a clear agenda of where action and reform are needed.  These areas will then have the opportunity many civilized countries do have, the opportunity of a real education.  An education that is not biased, but one that is honest and informative with the idea of freedom of individual thought and opinion.  These civil wars have initially sparked because the advancement and spread of the internet.  The internet provides all, those with access, to freely express themselves and become aware of world events.  This is why my i propose a new prospective for the Obama Administration to consider…
  5. How can the U.S. gain a majority support from world leaders to create and implement diplomacy to fix the terrorism issue in the Arab world once and for all…


(photo cred to english.al-akhbar.com and thepositive.com


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